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ICCC Issues Statutory Notice To ExxonMobil 13 Oct 2016

The Independent Consumer and Competition Commission or ICCC has issued a Statutory Notice to ExxonMobil to provide certain documents and information to the Commission in relation to the company’s acquisition of InterOil’s interest in the Papua LNG Project. A statement from ICCC today (Thursday 131016) says it resorted to invoking Section 128 of the ICCC Act as a final attempt to compel E... more

State Minister Subjected To Assassination Threat 13 Oct 2016

A senior State Minister has been subjected to assassination threats over the past two week from unknown persons purportedly over the ongoing political saga in Hela and the PNG LNG benefits. Minister for Finance and Tari Pori/MP James Marape who could not contain the threats anymore, has finally come out to the media today to tell his story, where he says there were 13 threatening text messa... more

Governor: U-20 Showpiece A Great Opportunity For Port Moresby 11 Oct 2016

Port Moresby, the capital city of Papua New Guinea, will rise to the challenge of being a host city for the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup. That was the vow made by the Governor of the National Capital District, Honourable Powers Parkop. The proud governor replicas relojes told journalists that he has tasked the National Capital District Commission with preparing to provide services that ar... more

Government Policy Under Scrutiny 10 Oct 2016

he government’s free health and education policy has come under heavy scrutiny from the public after continuous discrepancy was established in the timely allocation of medical supplies and the TFF funds to health facilities and schools respectively in the country. The government’s delay in disbursing the allocations has led to most patients being turned away from health facilities and sc... more

Polye Maintains Lead After Close Of Elimination 09 Oct 2016

Opposition Leader and disputed sitting Member for Kandep Don Pomb Polye is led the Kandep race after exclusion 33; the last elimination round in the recount. Polye accrued a total of 22, 860 votes while petitioner Alfred Manasseh scored 15, 365 as the elimination process wrapped up the court ordered recount as at 8.33 on Saturday night. Returning Officer Alwyn Jimmy while more

Multiple Reasons Behind High Internet Prices 09 Oct 2016

A report by NRI states that the reasons behind high internet prices are multiple. Studies has identified a range of reasons spanning five broad categories: infrastructure; wholesale; regulation; retail and competition. In Infrastructure, the report noted that maintenance and capital costs for internet infrastructure in PNG are considerably higher than in other countries, although by how much... more

PNG Businesses Underperform In 2016 09 Oct 2016

All businesses in the country have been said to have underperformed throughout the year. President of PNG Business Council David Toua made replica horloges this statement following a recent economic outlook meeting where statistics showed that the country’s revenue generation fell far behind the projected target for this year. The underperformance of business and the shortfall in revenue g... more