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Lera Addresses People On Five Year Mobilization Plan SH

Lera Addresses People On Five Year Mobilization Plan 23 Jan 2013


Bougainville Regional Member Joe Lera met with Lonahan Council of Chiefs, chiefs, youth, women and the whole community to address his five year mobilization plan.

He was accompanied by the Constituency Member in the ABG, Cosmos Sohia and the CEO of Peace and Reconciliation Mick Peniai.

This is the Members 33rd awareness in the region since taking office five months ago and the purpose of his awareness is to inform the people in the villages to be prepared for the bottom up forum where the decision on COE grants will be determined by the community on what projects it should be spent on.

The forum will be held in three electorates of North, Central and South Bougainville in the first six months, another 3 in the next 6 months. The Regional Member will be the Chairman while the three Open Members will be the vice chairmen in their respective Open electorates and the President of ABG will be the co-chairman in all the meetings.

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