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Pundari Hard On Approaches On Climate Change By Glenda Awikiak

Pundari Hard On Approaches On Climate Change 25 Mar 2015

Environment and Conservation and Climate Change Minister John Pundari today was very serious on the approaches taken to address the impact of climate change in Papua New Guinea.

Minister Pundari when opening the Inception Workshop for a World Bank Support Project to the PNG government through the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility said different organizations and departments are bypassing line agencies of government departments to undertake the impact of climate repliche orologi change.

He said large sums of money have been pumped into the country but there is no real work done on the ground.

Minister Pundari said there are lots of reports of variety of workshops, forums and conferences to discuss policies and plans to address the issue but none has proven real results.


He said if there are no real carbon emission reduction results then there would be no change to the impact of climate change.

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