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Disaster Committee Sees Red By Aileen Baretta

Disaster Committee Sees Red 26 Mar 2015

Relief funds worth K2 million provided by the Prime Minister Peter O’Neil last year for flood stricken Gulf Province has been allegedly misappropriated by the Gulf Provincial Disaster Committee.


Kerema Open MP Richard Mendani says there are documents to prove that the funds have been misused.


He says the committee had indicated K1 million as transport costs, but the reports did not show, because all 8 containers of food and relief supplies meant for the affected areas never reached the people of Purari Delta. 


Two of these containers have been located; however the other six are still missing.


Mr. Mendani says police had to force the committee to produce payment vouchers to account for all the spending which will be used as evidence against the Gulf Provincial Disaster Committee.


Mr. Mendani also stated that funds given by the MRDC and the Community Development Authority Trust Fund have also been unaccounted for.



He has assured the people of Purari that all those people involved will be dealt with by the law.

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