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Oil Search Pacific Games Relay In Dreikikir Press Release

Oil Search Pacific Games Relay In Dreikikir 03 Apr 2015

The Oil Search Pacific Games Relay team took an early helicopter trip to the outstation at Dreikikir. They skimmed over trees so close they felt they could touch them as they watched flocks of kokomos rise from the forest, saw beautiful hamlets and watched fog settle over the ridge tops.


Because of the fog they were unable to reach Dreikikir so the team touched down on the Akuk River bed to wait it out. 


While they were waiting in the middle of nowhere, more than 50 kids appeared out of the forest from a nearby village of Wainim.

They had never heard of the Relay or even the Pacific Games and the team had a fun time explaining to them what raunim PNG (#raunimPNG) was all about.


The children held the Baton orologi replica and studied it like a science experiment.


From there the team headed to Dreikikir and once they landed they were greeted to a singsing welcome and a flag raising ceremony by the Moihwak Primary School.


Over 2000 villagers then created a line back to the helicopter to pass the Baton along.



The Oil Search Pacific Games Relay now heads off to Maprik and the start of its Sepik River adventure.

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