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Oil Search Pacific Games Relay Treks Mt Wilhelm Press Release

Oil Search Pacific Games Relay Treks Mt Wilhelm 16 Apr 2015

The Oil Search Pacific Games Relay was today scheduled to embark upon one of its most challenging tasks, climbing Papua New Guinea’s highest mountain, Mount Wilhelm in the Simbu Province.

The team set out on their journey bright and early, departing at approximately 6am before arriving at Base Camp at around 10am where they were given the opportunity to rest, visit the lake and admire the scenery before recommencing the treacherous hike to the summit.

The Summit of Mt Wilhelm, 14,793 (4509m) above sea level can take around 13 hours to reach. The mountain is rugged and the trail offers exceptional views, crossing beautiful terrain and open forest.

Glaciers and granite are also visible luxury fake rolex watches in the higher regions.

The journey to the summit of Mt Wilhelm is a fantastic climb in a sub-alpine environment, made harder by the altitude. In clear weather the Madang Coast can be seen from the summit.


Tomorrow the Oil Search Pacific Games Relay team are scheduled to descend to Base Camp.

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