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Oil Search Pacific Games Relay In Kimbe, West New Britain Province Press Release

Oil Search Pacific Games Relay In Kimbe, West New Britain Province 06 May 2015

The Oil Search Pacific Games Relay was jam packed with Relays in West New Britain today.


The day’s activities commenced at New Britain Oil Palm with a sing sing where groups from across West New Britain, including Talasea, Nakanai, Witu Islands, Bali and even a group  from the NBPOL nursery covered themselves in black tar and made homemade drums from buckets, paint tins and 44 gallon drums, so they could be part of the fun.


The Relay was run by children and staff across the oil palm plantations, through the nurseries and around the largest of their 6 oil mills at Kumbonga.


The Relay had over 50 designated runners and some three thousand more joined in as it was run down the plantation roads.


The Kimbe police, in special Games t-shirts, tried to control the crowds but were out run by the children who just wanted to get in front of the cameras.


Next, a quick trip to Kimbe Hospital to let the patients take part in the Relay experience and see the Baton and then on to the afternoon Relay around Kimbe town.


Thousands more joined in the fun with all the schools taking part including Kimbe International Kindergarten, Kimbe Secondary School, Karl Hesse Primary School, Kimbe Primary School, and the Gigo Primary School who stopped the Relay on the road for a welcome song and a marching display with flags and the Baton.


The Relay finished with klockor kopia Governor Sasi taking the final leg and finishing up at Independence Oval, where he presented a West New Britain traditional conch shell gift to the team.


The day ended with a rai dance with the Baton by the Gatiboka cultural group from Galilo Village in Hoskins.


Tomorrow the Relay goes underwater, diving at the famous Walindi dive sites.



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