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NCD Police Clash With Gabi Villagers By Hura Kwarara

NCD Police Clash With Gabi Villagers 25 May 2015

An early raid this morning by NCD Police at the Gabi village turned nasty as villagers stoned police vehicles while they were loading bags of betelnut. NCD Superintendant Operations, Chief Inspector Silas Waiagure says they loaded over 1-thousand bags of betelnut during the peaceful raid however, unhappy villagers in retaliation shot police vehicles with sticks, stones and other items and have put up a road block. Chief Inspector Waiagure stressed that they are now re-grouping to go back to the village and pivk up the remaining bags of betelnut. By 9am this morning the situation at the Gabi village in NCD calmed down and the roadblock removed after village leader met with NCD police. Gabi village councilor, Daivd Davai says he is not surprised with the raid as continuous awareness with the community on the thriving betelnut trade with the Mekeos has gone unheard resulting in the raid. However, Councilor Davai says the situation needs to be replica panerai re-visited with NCDC and police to achieve a win/win situation for all parties involved. Meantime, NCD Superintendant Operations, Sargeant Silas Waiagure is adamant that police follow their orders to remove betelnuts from the city limits, including Motu Koita villages. Following the incident this morning, the roadblock has been removed and traffic is back to normal with police on alert for any opportunists’ activities.

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