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Oil Search Pacific Games Relay In The D'entrecasteaux Islands, Milne Bay Province Press Release

Oil Search Pacific Games Relay In The D'entrecasteaux Islands, Milne Bay Province 03 June 2015

The Oil Search Pacific Games Relay went island hopping through the friendly D’entrecasteaux Islands. The Relay left the flat island of Kiriwina for the mountainous Goodenough Island. Here the schools of Peter Torot Community and Santa Maria Secondary ran the Relay through Wataluma. The Relay was started by the Chieftain on the Mountain men from Mt Modawa and a cult Higiva man, locally respected for their monk like traditions and unusual choice to wear no clothing. A visit to Bolobolu Station and a Relay around its outskirts before a warm welcome with gifts of yams so large the omega replica watches us team struggled to get them on the helicopter. The District President spoke of how the Baton’s arrival was an omen and that after 40 years the rest of Papua New Guinea had not forgotten them. From there the Relay flew to Esa’ala on Normanby Island for a Relay around the main oval with former athletes and the community, including showing off the large road machinery delivered to construct roads in the area, before departing for Dobu Island on the traditional replicas de relojes repoi paddling canoes. Dobu island community greeted the Baton with great friendliness and song and dance. The Baton toured the old stone church built in 1929 and was blessed by the church pastor at the memorial commemorating the arrival of the first missionaries in 1891. Another canoe trip and the baton arrived at Epepowa on Fergusson Island for an afternoon of dancing, song and traditional singsing, with the relay team, in what may be the happiest place in Papua New Guinea. Four beautiful islands in one day, the Baton retired to Deidei for a village overnight stay.

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