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Oil Search Pacific Games Relay At Dogura And East Cape, Milne Bay Province Press Release

Oil Search Pacific Games Relay At Dogura And East Cape, Milne Bay Province 05 June 2015

The Oil Search Pacific Games Relay today completed its Milne Bay experience and celebrated World Environment Day.


The Relay set off by Defence Force chopper to the ruggedly beautiful north coast of Milne Bay Province. Here the sharp grassy mountain ridges met the ocean until a small plains area opened up for the community of Dogura.


Home of Papua New Guinea’s largest cathedral, built in the 1930’s, Dogura put on an extra special show for the Baton’s arrival .


A reconstruction of the arrival by the first missionaries and the journey they took to create the mission, plus an introduction to the famous and historical Papua New Guinea people from Dogura who helped Papua New Guinea gain Independence and its own identity.


Relatives of Sir John Guise and Sir Kingsford Dibona took part in the Relay along with former athletes and community representatives.


The Baton and Team Papua New Guinea were honoured with a blessing by Bishop of Dovura, the Right Reverend Tennyson Bogar, who spoke of the beautiful journey the Relay had done and was continuing to do, bringing joy and unity across the country, allowing you and me to express our support, not just Team Papua New Guinea, but the whole country.


The Baton and Bishop were escorted into the cathedral by the Papua New Guinea Defence Force after a moving national anthem and pledge, and were serenaded out by the sounds of the Dogua community and choir singing that resonated through the great building.


Relay team leader Tamzin Wardley was then invited to plant a mango tree seedling to signify World Environment Day and remember the arrival of the Baton at Dogura replacing the old trees that are no more, to signify a new beginning.

Next was a stopover at East Cape, the most eastern part of the island of New Guinea before a Relay was run from Bou back into Alotau.


The Relay included the four chiefs of the Bou region cheap replica rolex watches uk and the founders of the national Canoe Festival. 


The Oil Search Pacific Games Relay will visit Alotau General Hospital before being formally farewelled tomorrow. The Relay heads to Gulf Province on Tuesday.



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