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Oil Search Pacific Games Relay In Gulf Province Press Release

Oil Search Pacific Games Relay In Gulf Province 15 June 2015

Today the Oil Search Pacific Games Relay got off to a spectacular start with an awe inspiring flight out to the Kumul Platform off Deception Bay, in the Gulf of Papua New Guinea.


The twenty man Oil Search loading platform is responsible for the export of million barrel oil shipments each week from the oil fields of Kutubu and Gobe and the replica rolex new condensate shipments from the LNG project.


The crew are based out on the platform for a month at a time and were thrilled to have the Baton brought out to them by Managing Director Peter Botten and the Relay team.


The standby tug put on a massive waterfall display with its firefighting cannons for their arrival as the helicopter fought the strong winds to land.


The Relay then followed the oil pipeline back to Kikori where the town took on the Relay in the pouring rain, including visits to the primary and secondary schools, and the Kikori Hospital and council chambers before lunch at the local orologi replica italia market.


Continuing up the pipeline the Relay took to boats on the majestic Kikori River.


The jungle reaching down to the fast flowing water and the low cloud made the journey magical as the Baton was carried to the two villages of Ogomabu and Irimuku where traditionally dressed villagers in bilas and gumboots met the Baton on the muddy river’s edge.


The Baton was taken onto the ‘lou’ dugout canoes used up and down the rivers of Gulf.


Upon arrival at Kopi camp the Baton was transferred to land by the dogmen and a towering crane that swung it precariously above the river and on to dry land.


From here the Kopi community and the Oil Search camp workers rolex replica ran a Relay around the small township with much hilarity and dancing.



The Oil Search Pacific Games Relay will visit Baimuru and the Interoil sites across Gulf Province tomorrow.

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