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Polye Maintains Lead After Close Of Elimination

Polye Maintains Lead After Close Of Elimination 09 Oct 2016

Opposition Leader and disputed sitting Member for Kandep Don Pomb Polye is led the Kandep race after exclusion 33; the last elimination round in the recount. Polye accrued a total of 22, 860 votes while petitioner Alfred Manasseh scored 15, 365 as the elimination process wrapped up the court ordered recount as at 8.33 on Saturday night. Returning Officer Alwyn Jimmy while swiss replica watches updating FM 100 / Hot 97 FM News this morning on the recount says the counting had to be closed at exclusion 33 after the absolute majority vote was mustered by Polye. The absolute majority stood at 22, 501 from the allowed ballot papers that passed through, totaling 46, 629 with the exhausted papers at 1, 619. The grand total of ballot papers counted was 45, 001. Alwyn says the elections committee will sit this week in Port Moresby to finalize the documentation of the results which will then be presented to the National Court next Monday for assessment and official declaration. Other candidates scored 5, 000 and below in the recount.
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