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National Development Forum Underway In Port Moresby Luther Scat Lamang

National Development Forum Underway In Port Moresby 18 Oct 2016

A two national development forum is currently underway in Port Moresby. The forum basically is to reflect back on the government’s policies as captured in the Alotau Accord and the government’s Stars Strategy, and to highlight the progress of the achievements. Few of those which have breitling replica been elaborated on, yesterday morning include the Human Development Index, the progress on the government’s priority areas in health, education, infrastructure, law and order rolex replica españa and, economy building. Prime Minister Peter O’Neill while speaking yesterday morning highlighted much of the government’s achievement as implemented through a clearly defined and articulated national agendas. The Prime Minister says significant progress has made in the priority areas; stating further that ample budgetary support and stability in the government were key factors in further achieving the goals to a greater extent. The forum is being attended by leading business experts, senior government officials and members of the public, and will end tomorrow.

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